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Candy cabin construction deep in the rainforest! Hawaiian Big Island.

rough DIY framing is finished
Hi there,
The hard drive that contained the downloaded candy plans went corrupt and we were unable to access them when we were ready to build. We had reviewed it previously in preparation for our trip to the east side Big Island where we were going to erect the cabin, so we made some modifications to size and configuration based on what we remembered for an easier build (in terms of measurements and layout. You will see a very basic ‘foundation’ that does not include ground spikes because they cannot penetrate lava rock, and a larger roof overhang as our property is in a Hawaiian rainforest. Our next trip will check the foundation (eventually we may lift the entire thing and place it on stilted piers, but they were super heavy and we couldn’t reasonably carry them given their weight and the weather conditions.
We began our build in December, 2015 and will be returning in August to continue the work. Our build included hand clearing the land, removing trees and (haha) leveling the site. My husband and two adolescent daughters were beasts, going from raw rain forest to cabin shell in about one week, treading 250 feet through rain and mud with supplies from the cinder and gravel to the wood and roof sheeting after hand clearing with chainsaws, machetes and hand axes.
We plan to erect three more throughout this three-acre parcel  in the future, but no one’s thinking that far ahead right now. Lots to do still but your site started it all, so thanks for the motivation and the (lost) plans!! If a goofy family of four can launch this process, I think anyone can 🙂
Marcella Anthony