Let’s build a cabin!

I will start to build Cabin Cheryl next week. I bought wood and other parts of the cabin in the hardware store according to the material list. I will take all the material to the building site over Easter and prepare everything. I will install a time-lapse camera and shoot some short clips during the construction. After that I will upload it on the Youtube. I’m already looking forward to the construction process and I hope the weather will be nice I will take the photos of the whole building process and I have an idea to write short e-book, where I describe the construction of the wooden cabins with short comments with the photos.  I would like to publish it in the fall of 2014.

I designed the small wooden cabin Cheryl so, that it can be easily removed and is able to be moved to another place. The composite wooden panels that form the walls, floor and ceiling are bolted together. They can be unscrewed and loaded on a track. I plan to sell this cabin online when I am finished. I am very curious about who will be interested in this cabin. I’m ready to buy more materials and build another cottage when it will be successfully sold.

This is a relatively expensive and time-consuming action overall, therefore I hope it will have the most positive impact on the Pin-up Houses project.