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My dream

First day of spring is today and it is the right time to reflect my dreams! My dream is to offer hundreds designs of small houses. I am really hard focused on quality, so I am able to design only one new house per week. Every design is consulted by engineers which have lifelong experiences in the designing of wooden houses. I am influenced by successful designs o other architects and in this branch is it quite normal process.  I know that if I want to have the biggest and the most popular designing company ever I’ll need to work really hard. My average working time is around 14 hours a day and my target is to learn to sleep the shortest time. Maybe it sounds kinda crazy, but I feel a lot of energy and I know, that right now it is the best time to work really hard. I am looking for a new project partner, who could help me with pin-up houses project. I am not educated in the marketing and in the promotion of my products. I don’t know where to begin, so I am focused on making content of website – houses, articles, web-design… I am finishing the newest cottage/ tiny house called Christie right now. It is one of the biggest house I offer. It’s designed for permanent housing but it’s still tiny house. Christie is very smart in the layout solution with intelligently spaced storages.