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DIY Cabin plans and designs

Every single man has a dream to build a cabin, a cabin according to his wishes and ideas. A place where one can escape from everyday stress and worries. Cabin homes are typically small homes, designed with simplicity. They are often used as vacation homes for families or just for couples.

These small homes offer a warm surrounding, creating an intimate setting that can be lacking in larger, more formal homes. These cabin house plans are uniquely suited for picturesque places, such as lakeside or a mountain setting. These cabins provide one with a strong outdoor connection to a clean environment. Small cabins are ideal for those who are looking to build a smart, cost-efficient, resilient and energy-saving home. Small homes are more affordable and easier to build and maintain. Most of the cabin plans offer porches, stoves, and other comforting facilities. The interior is usually left in a natural stain. Our range of house plans allows you to pick the right size and design. From small, one-storey frame cabin floor plans to large cabin plans with many rooms, even including a loft, our designs are ideally suited for your personal and unique tastes.

Video presentation of one of our prefab tiny houses: Built in less than a three hours!

Video presentation of one of our houses: Built in less than a month!

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