Step by step DIY guide:
  • complete set of playhouse plans
  • construction progress + comments
  • complete material list + tool list

Product Description

Would you like to build the playhouse of your children´s dreams without spending too much money? Then Crooked is perfect for you. The design of Crooked is really something special  and your children will love it. Even in bad weather your children can play inside and have a great time. The playhouse is big enough to accommodate your children’s friends as well. It will certainly be appreciated by them. Just buy the playhouse plans and start to build. It’s that easy!

Construction Progress


Step by step DIY guide:

Complete set of cabin plans (pdf): layouts, details, sections, elevations, material variants, windows, doors


Complete material list + tool list:

Complete set of material list + tool list. Very detailed description of everything you need to build your small house.



floor area

32 ft2 (2,8 m2)

1st. floor

32 ft2 (2,8 m2)

DIY Building cost



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Timothy Jones
11 months 14 days ago

I have a question on the crooked playhouse.If you can help please call me my name is Timothy and my # 1-843-877-3544. its in reference to the angles Thanks