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I needed a small building to go with my outdoor sauna and found the perfect match in “Ann”.
After ordering the plans coming up with the required materials list, I set to work in November 2015.  After some review I decided to increase the size of the roof rafters and the loft floor joists to 2×6 to make things a little stronger to deal with the occasional snow load we get in Pennsylvania.
In order to minimize the expense, I began looking for materials that could be reclaimed or recycled.  All of the exterior plywood and loft decking was reclaimed from a local construction site.
The door was a salvaged item.  All of the windows were out of date samples form a local building material supplier purchased for $100.00 for the lot.  The skylight was purchased for $100.00 including the installation kit since it was a returned item (wrong order).  The vinyl siding was all salvaged form a local contractor at no cost (all new, excess material).  Framing lumber, concrete for the base and roofing materials were the only “new” materials.
Total cost to date is approximately $1,500.00 and I could not be happier.
I would like to extend my thanks to you for making the plans available a such a reasonable cost.  I also appreciate that you have detailed the important dimensions and sequence so completely.
I have attached a series of progress photos to give you a good idea of what has been accomplished.  Please fee free to use them in your references if you like.
Many thanks,
Eastern Pennsylvania, USA


“Joshua built this for me and at the same time used it as advertising for his project Pin-up houses. I am planning to use it as a place of rest and sleep during the spring and summer. I like the Joshua´s design and that was the reason why I choose from his plans. The interior is designed in a modern-practical style. All the materials cost around $ 3,000  and  they were easy to find, because of the complete material list found in the plans.”  Mike Bower, 26 (TX)
“Hi Joshua,
The plans look very nice.  We shall start construction soon.  This is to be an office/guest house along with the other 8 buildings on our property.  I have a super insulated pad of concrete that is actually 15 x 12 deep that we shall be modifying this for.  This shall be a super insulated passive solar unit like my home and greenhouse.  We live in one of the coldest places in the USA -40 F in winter and have no active systems and the house has never needed  backup heat of any kind in 8 winters and this unit shall be the same.  No there is not wood heat, hydro or any other systems….just the sun!  68 degrees at -40 outside is the coldest inside temps recorded.  
O am very happy and  and printed out the plans on the large builders sheets so we could modify them for our needs!  Thank you so much for the great plans!
Simcerely, “
Doug Koss



Its been slow go.
But making progress.
Here are a few pictures.
I made a few changes.
I’ll send more when completed.



wooden-childrens-playhouse-plans backyard-playhouse-plans
“I bought the Lookout plans last year and my children already have the new playhouse this spring. Because I´m not too handy, I paid a carpenter, who built it according to the Joshua´s pdf playhouse plans. I sent photos of the complete house to Joshua and he gave me the money back as he promised. I love the way he does business.”       Kate Wilson, 32 (WA)


garden-playhouse-plans shed-floor-plans
“We looked for some garden shed/gazebo plans for a long time until we found the Pin-Up houses. Clara charmed us and we knew right away, that it was exactly what we wanted. I ordered the Joshua´s plans and my husband, with his friends, built it in about two weeks. We use the gazebo even when it´s cold, as you can see in the picture.” Marie Oliver, 62 (ME)


cottage construction plans tiny cottage plans
“I´ve always loved the style of Pin-Up! I was very excited to find your site, when looking for cottage plans. The plans are very well thought out and clearly illustrated, so although I´am an amateur, it was easy to build the cottage. I modified the Jane Cottage a little, but the basic structure and openings remain the same. I´ve only had this cottage for two years, but it looks as if it has always belonged here. Iused darker paint on the wood to blend in with the surroundings.” Bob Mingear, 49 (UT)