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Tiny houses design process

Hi everyone.

In today’s post I would like to describe to you the process of creating a new design, the design of new pin-up house. First of all, I am thinking about how big the house should be, if it should be just a storage shed, cabin or tiny house to year-round housing. In many cases I have an exact idea in advance, because I have had a long-term plan for this entire Pin-up houses project.

Before I sit down at the computer and start drawing in the architectural programs, I take a pen and paint brush and make a few drawings, so that I have better, (more complex) idea about the house I am designing. To have a better understanding of this process of designing, I am publishing some pictures, which I drew. This is a picture of tiny house Alice, where you can see how I created the final design.

When drawing the first picture I am finding the basic shape of the house and I try many styles. This is the most important design phase, which I devote a lot of effort and a lot of paper is used up. I am thinking about insulation of the interior, about construction of the house and about its functional organization.


After that I draw a 3D cut of the house, I have to realize where supporting structure should be. Before I create a picture on my computer, I have to draw it first. I think this picture is very useful for all of you, because you will get basic idea of the house.


When drawing the third picture I play around a little and try to figure out a smart interior which would fit the house the best. It’s also in preparation for the final computer visualization. I’m very inspired by pin-up in my tiny house designs. I enjoy it and it’s fun for me. The interior of the house is easier to draw and after that further inspiration come to me.